Download 'Shadow Zone - Chernobyl - The Nuclear Apocalypse (240x320)' to your phone
Shadow Zone - Chernobyl - The Nuclear Apocalypse


Download 'Shadow Zone - Chernobyl - The Nuclear Apocalypse (240x320)' to your phone
Features: Seven precisely balanced missions in campaign mode with more than forty hours to finish all tasks. Eight skirmish maps to fight against one up to three opponents. Graduate technological development of player and enemy forces during campaign. Seven types of game world terrain. Each type has defined cost of passing through and additionally can increase/decrease some abilities of the character staying there. Four types of buildings with various meaning in the gameplay. Player and enemy have ability to occupy buildings in order to gain additional resources. Twelve types of battle units including commanders (Stalkers) with different abilities. Each battle unit has five major abilities allowing a variety of strategic decisions during the battle. Experience of each battle unit increases during fighting. Hot keys to acquire operative tactical data about all units on the map. Mini map to depict all units on the map and all buildings. Save game feature with three slots to store game at any time when player need this. Extraordinary graphics and game atmosphere Marvelous music and sound effects Cutting edge, precise and intuitive user interface
type: Java
size: 274 KB